Summer Program

Summer Program

9 am - 3 pm

2018 – Summer Program


Monday, August 6th: Morning learning new music and musical games and an afternoon of Intergenerational Traditional Bomba Dancing from Puerto Rico with Milwaukee Dance Instructor, Karlies Kelley.

Tuesday, August 7th: Morning learning music, technique and musical games.  Afternoon with guest Artist Gina Maas and Kelly Schmitt: Bringing Music, Health and Wellness to our Community. Bringing Art and Music Together with Jonathan Fristch.

Wednesday, August 8th: Morning learning music. Afternoon Music and Drumming in the Park at Cutler Park, Waukesha.  Bringing Art and Music Together.

Thursday, August 9th: Morning learning music.  Afternoon Community Master Class with guest Artist, Ashley Rewolinski. Bringing Art and Music Together.

Friday, August 10th: Morning Rehearsal for final Concert.  Afternoon: Community Performance. Unveiling of our Community Art Installation.

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